Sharon Brady-Smith is the pseudonym for plain old Sharon Smith, as there are too many of them. She is happily married, and has been for the last twenty-five years, with two grown up children and a spoilt fur baby called Cookie.

Sharon has worked in a variety of jobs, including shopping mall cleaner, toilet attendant, secretary, IT professional and coffee shop owner.

She currently lives in Sheffield and works part-time. She is supposed to be using this “spare time” to realise her ambition of writing her own book. Her first step is a short story collection, self-published September 2016, Sharon’s Shorts.

Sharon has formed two writers’ groups in local libraries. To help raise funds for the Library, the Stannington Library Writers’ Group has released two anthologies. Sharon has contributed to both these works and published them on Amazon on the Group’s behalf.

To 1Stannthology”, she contributed “A woman of magic in a world of none”; and to Christmas 2016 Anthology she contributed “The Christmas Tree” and “Christmas Memories”.